About VePS: A brief introduction

The development of the new scientific paradigm known as e-Science has opened new door ways to scientific discovery processes. e-Science focuses on the modularity, interoperability, and sharing of data and resources and the workflows are key means to achieve it. To get an insight into these computationally complex workflows and enable proper analysis, e-Science provenance systems are needed. These systems:

(i) Collect data on workflow tasks, inputs, and results.
(ii) Store the provenance data in some database.
(iii) Disseminate the provenance data.

Several provenance systems exist but they focus on collection, storage, and dissemination process and are tightly coupled to a specific domain or workflow enactment engine. To develop a provenance system that satisfies the core theme of e-Science (that is, interoperability), is the focus of this project.
Our goal is to not only address the issue of interoperability but of reproducibility and parameters significance estimation as well. The VePS framework supports the interoperability, reproducibility, and parameters significance in e-Science workflow execution environments.