Use Case Demonstration: A Step by Step Approach

In this section we provide a detailed step by step guide on using the VePS provenance framework for collecting the provenance on a demo example. The example consists of two Axis2 services named, ‘Fahrenheit2Celsius’ and ‘Celsius2Kelvin.’ The ‘Fahrenheit2Celsius’ service takes as input, temperature in Fahrenheit and converts it into Celsius. Whereas, the ‘Celsius2Kelvin’ service converts the temperature from Celsius into Kelvin scale.
Follow the following steps to create a workflow, execute it, and explore the provenance captured by the VePS provenance framework.

Once the workflow execution is completed and you get the results, start the ‘XAMPP’ and using your browser go to the http://localhost/veps-gui/index.php. This starts the web interface of the VePS provenance framework. It provides two basic functionalities: (i) Provenance explorer and (ii) Workflow parameters significance measurement (ACO4PS).
The ‘Provenance Explorer’ offers the following functionalities:

The ‘ACO4PS’ determines the workflow parameters significance using the following sequential steps: